The Monte Alegre Forestry Restoration Project will be implemented in the permanent preservation areas (APP in Brazil) of the Usina de Empreendimentos e Participações in the center of the former Monte Alegre Sugarcane Plant. The project forecasts the planting of 18,665 trees of native forest species on the left bank of the Piracicaba River and two more small tributaries in a total area of 168,000 m2, which is equivalent to more than 16 soccer fields.

The project arises from the intention of recovering not only the architectural heritage of the historical district of Monte Alegre, but also its beautiful environmental heritage taking into account the natural configuration of the site before the interventions of the Plant itself. That is why it is not a conventional reforestation, but a restoration with a fundamental purpose of promoting positive social and economic environmental impacts, becoming a model for Piracicaba and the region.

According to the Engineer responsible for the project, João Marcelo Elias, among the main environmental benefits is the consolidation of an important conservation unit in an urban environment that will connect the site to other forest fragments, supporting the gene flow of wild and forest animal species .

The Project will be coordinated by the Terra Vida Institute, a non-profit organisation of Civil Society of Public Interest (OSCIP), supported by Law 9,790 dedicated to promoting sustainability and social responsibility. The project actions will be executed in phases, the initial planting stage will last 6 months and the maintenance for the consolidation of the Forest, 30 months more, therefore, with the final delivery of the conservation unit in 3 years.

Some of the planned actions such as the consolidation of a network of partners, construction of a nursery of seedlings in the area, identification and online dissemination of lots planted to follow the evolution of the project, creation of an environmental education agenda.

It is worth mentioning that the Plant River Project is in the execution phase, so any technical study containing diagnosis and prognosis of the area, execution schedule and budget plan have all already been carried out by the Terra Vida Institute. The Terra Vida Institute announces that the funding phase is open for the largest urban reforestation project in Piracicaba and you can make your donations through the Pagseguro gateway or directly through bank deposit. See below how easy it is to participate:

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