Historical Heritage Restoration Project

The purpose of the Heritage Restoration Project is to promote the maintenance of certain real estate assets, keeping alive their meaning and artistic, cultural, religious, documentary or aesthetic importance to society.

From the creation of the initial project to the management of the operation, the work involves a multidisciplinary team composed of managers, administrators, architects and engineers from different areas, technical designers and communicators responsible for developing all methodology that will culminate in the promotion of the restoration or retrofit of the property. This includes the management of the bureaucratic process of approving the work on State agencies.

The restoration of a Historical Heritage can occur through restoration (redeeming the characteristics of the property, maintaining its original pattern), remodeling (allowing a new layout to the property, including new conditions of use, such as accessibility and landscaping) and retrofit (keeps the original characteristics of the property, but adds new elements to the estate, with a new distinction dated in the construction documentation). Within a complete process of restoration of the Historical Patrimony, attention is needed to the following steps:

Stages of the Recovery of Historic Patrimony

  • 1. Survey: analysis of the plan of the property, documentation - including the process of tipping, characteristics, measures and iconographic research;
  • 2. Report: presentation of the property description, analysis with data and pathological diagnosis for completing the process, necessary solutions for the success of the work procedures;
  • 3. Study: feasibility of the property, with presentation of architectural proposals;
  • 4. Project: boards and technical drawings with parameters for forwarding to State agencies, according to the type of work required;
  • 5. Executive Project: work planning;
  • 6. Work: management of all stages.

"Restore, renovate or retrofit a Historical Heritage
is to keep it alive“.