Why invest in Socio-Environmental Programs?

Companies in Brazil are increasingly taking social and environmental investments more seriously and are investing more and more in social and environmental projects.

This growth can be justified by the return on internal and external marketing, tax benefits that can be enjoyed, compliance with environmental laws and regulations, reduction of environmental liabilities, reduction of energy consumption, compliance with environmental certification requirements (ISO 14000 and 14001) and by contributing to a better world, which is in tune with the company's mission. Another important factor is that consumers are more demanding and that there is a worldwide movement of preference for products and services with stamps that guarantee the socio-environmental responsibility of their products.

​The Terra Vida Institute, because it is qualified as a CSOoPI under the terms of the Brazilian Federal Law # 9790/99, can receive donations with a tax incentive. Companies taxed under the real profit tax regime may deduct as an expense the amount paid up to the limit of 2% of the operating profit.

The possibility of deducting the amount donated as an expense (limited to 2% of the operating profit) generates reduction of the amount subject to the incidence of Income Tax, Additional IR and Social Contribution on Profit, allowing its donors to recover part of the amount donated . The deduction is made from the basis of calculation of Corporate Income Tax ("IRPJ") and Social Contribution on Net Income ("CSLL").

In this way, the company that donates resources to an CSOoPI can effect the deduction referring to the fiscal year in which it has donated, and it is not necessary to request prior authorization from the Brazilian Internal Revenue Services, in exchange, a receipt will be issued by CSOoPI, in the manner of the Federal Revenue Service.

Cases of donation in cash or check must be done by means of bank deposit. The proof of deposit and receipt provided by the Institute must be kept by the Donor to be filed along with your Corporate Income Tax Report. In addition, a copy of the CSOoPI certificate from the Terra Vida Institute and the Declaration of Responsibility will be provided to the Donor Company in the full application of the resources signed by the Institute, according to the model provided by the Brazilian Revenue Services.

It is important to note that the tax incentive that accompanies the donations mentioned here can not be used by companies taxed on the basis of presumed profit, as well as by those classified as micro-enterprises and/or small companies or that opt for SIMPLES (Integrated Payment System for Taxes and Contributions). Likewise, this tax incentive can not be used by individuals.

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Learn How to Donate

The individual donor can contribute with the project by deposit in our bank account and by means of the Pagseguro gateway. We clarify that for the purposes of income tax returns ("restituição IRPF)", the donor may include the amounts donated in the "Payments and Donations" field in the complete declaration formulary, using the code "Other".

If your company is subject to the tax regime for real profit, the legal entity may deduct, as an operating expense, the amount of the Income Tax and Social Contribution on Net Income, up to a limit of 2% of the operating profit, before it being deducted from the donation. Thus, this benefit is not available to companies that collect taxes under presumed or arbitrated profit regimes, nor when they adopt the Simples regime. This tax incentive has legal basis in art. 59 of Provisional Measure 2158-35/2001 and in art. 13, §2, III, of Brazilian Federal Law # 9249/1995.